About us

Weier GmbH has stood for quality, precision and innovation “Made in Germany“ for over 20 years now.

Thanks to our constant expansion, we have been able to securely establish ourselves on the metal-processing market.

Our company is divided into two areas, which have developed independently of one another.


We have been manufacturing connection elements in accordance with DIN or individual specifications since our company was founded back in 1992.

These are used in the widest variety of application areas. Our customers include companies from the renewable-energy sector, but also from specialised vehicle, machine, system, container and industrial engineering.

The second production area consists of repairing defective or worn shot sleeves.

This process offers companies from the aluminium / magnesium pressure-casting industry a cheaper, faster and environmentally-friendly alternative to a new shot sleeve. The process that we developed in 1995 is today’s global leader.


Our many years of experience and a modern range of machinery in conjunction with highly qualified and motivated employees form the basis for reliable and cheap manufacturing.

Our quality

  • Qualified staff
  • Constant further job-training for employees
  • Regular delivery audits
  • Regular customer audits
  • We guarantee complete traceability for all our products
  • Strict goods inward and goods outward controls
  • Material examination by independent laboratory
  • QM system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008